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Yay for plasticine! :P

I can't believe how many lesbians like my taste in music.
And I love how hypnotised everyone was by Desperate Living on the projector screen.

We will be back next week, hopefully this time we'll be more organised and have a real advertising budget.


Plasticine opens tonight, so you all better fucking well be there!
434 William st, Northbridge (opp. Perth Mosque)
$4 Entry!

I'm apparently starting my set around 11, have just planned my actual playlist and it's full of heaps of indie music, so I hope it goes down well. Meanwhile I'm so cuntingly nervous.

Wish me (and the other club organisers via proxy) good luck!

Current Music: New Order - Here to stay


We arrive in Zurch at 6:15AM December 2nd (Friday)

So are you coming to greet us at the airport?
You better be!

We probably won't get out of the terminal until 7 or so, so get there around then.
It'll be a hoot.


This Friday, I will be here...........


Theme - Zombies!

Flash time – 5.30pm Friday 12th August 2005 (this Friday).

Flash point – Intersection at the Cnr of Roe and William Streets Northbridge. On the Perth train station side of the road, opposite Exotic Body Piercing, and near the overpass escalator.

When to arrive – A few minutes beforehand ie-5.28pm, hang around or pretend to wait for the lights to change and listen for the signal.

What to do - At 5.30 pm, the mob leaders will call the signal - ‘Brains!’ Act the part of a zombie and stagger into Northbridge in your best ‘undead’ manner. Cross the road and head up William Street to finish at the Brass Monkey.

Afterwards – Disperse in a casual manner LIKE NOTHING HAS HAPPENED or, if you are over 18 and want to continue the fun, head into the Brass Monkey and join us for a free Beez Neez to celebrate the wonders of Mob-hood. (1 Beez Neez per living dead).

Help spread the word! Send/post this to anyone you think might be interested. If you aren’t on the Buzz Mob list and want to be, you can register by sending an email to mob@buzzdance.com.au.

I can't believe it's only 8 days until the opening of Plasticine.

And I can't believe how easy it was to organise a club night! The posters and flyers are being printed up today, so everyone in Perth should expect to see them around tomorrow.

For anyone who doesn't know, I have helped Distantsun and another person (who's name is Matt but I forget his LJ name) organise a queer/alternative night playing indie/punk/new wave/electroclash/retro music. It starts next Thursday at NuVibe nightclub (434 William st, Northbridge), so you all better be there.

I can't wait to DJ, I'm thinking about starting with indie/nu wave (Joy Division, Bis, New Order, Placebo, GO! Team etc.) before progressing through music like Depeche Mode and some Prodigy towards Goldfrapp, Devo and Chicks On Speed. Of course, I want you all to give me suggestions of what you want to hear :)

The night certainly seems to be making headlines with the scotsman/hydey/amps/NuVibe people - which will be good for evening out the gay/straight numbers.


Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode

I think I give up trying to find anyone in Perth. There aren't any decent gay guys here, they all just wanna dance to Kylie, and all I want to do is flee. Maybe it's them, maybe it's me - ho hum.
Christ I hate commercialist homosexuality, it seems to be the only thing that provokes me.

Current Mood: melancholymelancholy
Current Music: Muse - New Born

After callng everyone I know in London, they're all safe. Phew.

God knows how many times I've been through King's Cross and Aldgate stations.... it's surreal watching wounded people spilling out of them.
Only 5 months to go, and I'll be living back in London.

Oh, and the FINAL plan for the end of the year is....

Perth > Singapore > Amsterdam > Zurich > Munich > Frankfurt > Amsterdam > UK. Depart Perth Dec 1, Arrive in Zurich on Dec 3.

So, Heather, do you still mind if I come stay with you in Zurich? :P
I promise I'll bring you a cask of goon, all the way from Perth!


Current Music: The Coral - Dreaming Of You

Today is a bitch of a day.

Why do I decide to quit smoking, just as I start getting a cold? Such a situation could make even Richard Symonds (sp?) feel like shit. Only one more day to go, and I'll have broken the nicotine addicition.

Was anyone else at Jump For Joy at The Hydey on Sunday?

Current Music: Bloc Party - Luno

Am in a very political mood at the moment.

Am considering lobbying Nick Catania (the mayor of my council, Town of Vincent) to boycott products produced by, or by companies affiliated to, the military junta in Burma (PepsiCo and Royal Dutch/Shell are two notable examples.) It worked in Marickville, Sydney (sp?) - so maybe it could work here. Will have to do a lot of research regarding contracts awarded by the Council to such companies and human-rights-friendly alternatives they could choose from.

But in other news! I finished my last exam last night, wahoo! 2 more semesters to go, and I'll be an honorary political scientist with letters after my name and everything!

Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
Current Music: Architecture In Helsinki
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