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Christ, I've not updated for ages.

Well, yeah, nothing much is new.

Did anyone go to the Hyde Park's last night on Sunday? Woolies bought them out on Mondya morning, so the night before they were giving out free beer all night and had some great bands on.

And In The Pines is coming up on the 22nd, which will be great. Loads of Perth bands playing in one area for just $22 a ticket! Score!

I think you should all go, really.

And I have a cold.

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Budapest, Budapest.
How lovely thou art.

And EasyJet, you may be cheap, but your in flight whores are bitches.

Heather, if you get this in time...

Meet us outside City Backpacker at 12 noon on Friday.
See you there (maybe)


Next Wednesday @ The Flying Scotsman is my going away party (Sacha's as well seeing as she's coming with me) so be there around 8pm and help me drink the night away, only to fly out the next morning with an incredible hang over.

I know you'll be there Jess :P
We'll take the spirit of Meekatharra with us.


Ok, this is mainly just for Sacha but the rest of you can keep reading.

Here's the bars in London that we're heading to. It would've been impossible for me to actually remember the urls so I'll just paste them in here.
http://www.trashpalace.co.uk/ -this is the warm up bar for Ghetto, but you can q-jump coupons from here which are needed, otherwise you'll wait for about an hour.
http://www.ghetto-london.co.uk is the ghetto's site but there isn't much on there.
http://www.whiteheatmayfair.com is another fun club nearby, though now it's moved from Mayfair to Soho which is a lot easier. Tuesdays here are fun.
http://www.koko.uk.com is another fun fun place, though it was Camden Palace when I was there.
http://www.bulletproof.dj is the first ever nightclub I went to and got in with fake student ID. So I shall be going again...

Wow, I just realised there's people actually doing work around me.
Time to go.

Thank you to everyone who came to The Scotsman last night to help me celebrate :)
I'll post some photos up from the night soon.

Tonight I'm writing my essay.
I'm actually having to think about Schapelle Corby in intellectual terms.
Somehow I think my life really has hit an all time low...


Current Mood: bouncybouncy
Current Music: Haemoglobin - Placebo (& the sound of me grinding my teeth)


Am busy doing an assignment (which was actually due in Monday, but I have a medical certificate excusing me, because I have been sick... really).

Anyway, I thought it was going to be a nice and easy 2000 word one. Wrong. It's a fuck off 3000 word one. That means I need at least 15 references and so far I have about 8. That's shit.
I can get it done by Friday, but that's goign to require:
Coffee + Red Bull + Dexies + Cold & Flu tablets (with pseudoephadrine) + coke and maybe a bit of whizz.

Shit I hate being behind on essays.

Meanwhile it was my birthday yesturday, so I went to an Indian restaurant with friends and got pissed. Was hilarious. Afterwards we came home and wrote swear words on the shower curtain with paint. It looked beautiful last night, but today it looks a bit, debauched.


Current Mood: distresseddistressed
Current Music: The Knife - You Take My Breathe Away

To everyone:

It's my 20th birthday on this month, so I'm organising a small get together.
My actual birthday is on the 25th, but that's a Tuesday and shit all happens, so I'm celebrating on the Wednesday.

So basically, I'm just doing what I do every Wednesday and going to the scotsman, and maybe Bar Open or something afterwards. Anyone who wants to come and have a drink with me is very welcome :)

Anyway, here's some details...

Wednesday October 26th.
Birthday piss-up at The Flying Scotsman, cnr Beaufort and Walcott streets. Mt Lawley. $8 jugs!
I'll be heading down at around 7 or 8, so anytime after that will be fine.

I guess it's pretty stupid having to tell anyone about this as the vast majority of the people I know go there on Wednesdays anyway, so this is really just for all you non-scotsmanites :)


Do any of you know a cheap alternative to the main train companies in Europe? Similar to Virgin Trains in Britain...

I'm Trying to book tickets from Zurich to Munich and then from Munich to Berlin. I've been going through companies like Deutsche Bahn and Eurail but they're all so expensive. So are these just expensive companies, or is that the usual price?

Meanwhile I've found air tickets from Berlin Tegal to Amsterdam Schipol for just $30AUD (incl. taxes and fuel surcharge - so hooray!)


And in Plasticine news, this week is the Socialites and Sodomites ball. So for all you Perth people out there, if you're coming then this week's free entry password is "Sporty Spice is a bisexual Alien".

And remember! 434 William st, Northbridge. Opp Perth Mosque.

Huzzah, I have my travel itinery!
So Heather, and everyone else in Europe, here's what's happening:

Malaysian Airways
Depart Perth International @ 4:30PM December 1st
Arrive Kuala Lumpur International @ 10PM December 1st

Malaysian Airways
Depart Kuala Lumpur International @ 11:59PM December 1st
Arrive Zurich International Airport @ 6:15AM December 2nd (Friday)

So as I will be arriving on Friday morning, it means that I'll be able to have the weekend partying in Switzerland before going to Munich to see some fuck off German punk.

And so that everyone who wants to see me in Europe knows, the route is:
Zurich > Munich > Berlin > Hamburg > Amsterdam > London > Manchester > Newcastle > Glasgow > London > Paris > Barcelona > London (and then wherever I want to go.)

Current Music: Kaiser Chiefs
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