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Morbs [userpic]

Ok, this is mainly just for Sacha but the rest of you can keep reading.

Here's the bars in London that we're heading to. It would've been impossible for me to actually remember the urls so I'll just paste them in here.
http://www.trashpalace.co.uk/ -this is the warm up bar for Ghetto, but you can q-jump coupons from here which are needed, otherwise you'll wait for about an hour.
http://www.ghetto-london.co.uk is the ghetto's site but there isn't much on there.
http://www.whiteheatmayfair.com is another fun club nearby, though now it's moved from Mayfair to Soho which is a lot easier. Tuesdays here are fun.
http://www.koko.uk.com is another fun fun place, though it was Camden Palace when I was there.
http://www.bulletproof.dj is the first ever nightclub I went to and got in with fake student ID. So I shall be going again...

Wow, I just realised there's people actually doing work around me.
Time to go.


Koko is full of NME kids. Boring!