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Morbs [userpic]


Do any of you know a cheap alternative to the main train companies in Europe? Similar to Virgin Trains in Britain...

I'm Trying to book tickets from Zurich to Munich and then from Munich to Berlin. I've been going through companies like Deutsche Bahn and Eurail but they're all so expensive. So are these just expensive companies, or is that the usual price?

Meanwhile I've found air tickets from Berlin Tegal to Amsterdam Schipol for just $30AUD (incl. taxes and fuel surcharge - so hooray!)


And in Plasticine news, this week is the Socialites and Sodomites ball. So for all you Perth people out there, if you're coming then this week's free entry password is "Sporty Spice is a bisexual Alien".

And remember! 434 William st, Northbridge. Opp Perth Mosque.


woop woop woop. i'll organise to come with Mac. make sure i actually come this time too :P

And bring your dorky chick friends as well!

Hahaha. Nah, they're big on the dense,

easy jet do cheap flights around europe, they dont depart from zurich though, only geneva and basel. helvetic also has some good deals. as well as the sas (scandinavian sth or other). It does actually work out cheaper to fly sometimes rather than catch trains.

hi, i came across your journal through altnortheast. have you tried germanwings.de or hlx.com ? they also do very cheap flights across europe, as do airberlin and, occasionally, even lufthansa.

and, yes, deutsche bahn IS horribly expensive; i wonder how anyone can afford to go by train these days. you could also try mitfahrzentrale.de, though . someone might give you a lift for 20 € or so, but this is usually only advertised at very short notice. sorry for my crappy english, i hope, i'm making myself halfway clear ;-)